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A quality choice with a Rètro style

Our Retro collection can be called "Vintage Trekking". It is a range that takes the design and rules of Montebelluna trekking footwear and reinterprets them in modern style, to create shoes that no longer have a purely sports look but become items of luxury.

In creating this collection our guidelines were the culture, simplicity and healthy lifestyle of those who can take the time to do what they enjoy.

Culture, because this is footwear intended for the connoisseur. Connoisseurs who love shoes and appreciate their value and multifarious aspects, who are able to recognise directly in the shoe the soul and the work of the craftsman who made it.

Simplicity, because we decided not to use clever gimmicks to make our footwear stand out. You will not find any gaudy colours on our footwear intended to reel in customers, or clearly visible logos for easy advertising. The shoe is considered as a whole, and in the interests of overall harmony there is no room for aesthetic choices of questionable taste.

Healthy lifestyle, because Ventesima Strada footwear items can be appreciated as we take time out for ourselves. Far from the stress and repetition of everyday life, these shoes are to be touched by hand in contrast to modern society based on abstract values. The lace upsystem is the symbol of our style: I can enjoy the moment of contact when tying up the laces, without having to resort to using a zip because I'm too busy.

The other distinguishing element of this collection is the high level of personalisation provided to the customer, that allows us to define our footwear as being "made-to-measure". All the components can be customised: leather, welt, midsole, outsole and laces. How do we manage to offer such a degree of personalisation? Because each item of footwear is made as an individual product, from start to finish.

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