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Two styles linked by a high-quality

Handicrafts for all styles

All Ventesima Strada items of footwear are entirely Made in Montebelluna, from design to construction. All processes take place inside our own factory.

The most distinctive element of our shoesis the Norwegian construction, typical of the footwear made in our manufacturing district. It is a hand-crafted process, designed to insulate the foot while offering flexibility and comfort all at the same time. A full 5 layers insulate the footfrom the ground: ananatomic insole in leather, a more rigidlasting board in real leather, a filling in light EVA that serves as a shock absorber, a midsoleagain in EVA with additional shock absorbing properties and to finish a high-quality non-slip outsole.

Sadly, in recent times because of choices that have prioritised quantity over quality, many shoes on the market have a false Norwegian construction; the purely aesthetic resemblance has been exploited to market prefabricated rather than hand-made footwear. Obviously the difference in quality between the genuine article and imitations even makes any comparison difficult. So how do you tell difference between true Norwegian construction and an imitation? By looking at the heavy stitchingon the bottom and the welt: stitches that are too regular and equidistant indicate prefabricated stitching; a welt that does not overlap at the join means it has been cut mechanically on a machine and not by the skilled hands of a craftsman.