Passion for the Nature

Our real strength

Products that are made respecting the Nature

Ventesima Strada extends the concept of environmental sustainability to achieve objectives that are very often overlooked. Our footwear is made to stand the test of time. By virtue of the materials used our footwear can last decades, even if treated harshly, and with just the minimum of care the appearance will remain unchanged in time. The vintagedesign makes our shoes timeless, and the new models that are launched regularly do not make the previous ones obsolete; we are totally against the throw-away society and planned obsolescence.The durability of our footwear makes absolutely sure that we are not contributing to unnecessary waste generation. The sole, the item subject to most wear on our footwear is 100% recyclable and can be replaced without affecting the upper part of the shoe.

As a company we have set ourselves an ethical code in the choice of materials used to make our footwear. While not being able to avoid the use of leather because of its intrinsic natural properties,we are nevertheless committed to the fact that all the hides we use must come from adult animals, restricting the choice to cowhides only. We do not use the hides of young animals or those reared purely for their hides, or furs of any kind.

To cut down on waste, in 2016 we stopped producing paper brochures and leaflets, everything is now digital.

In promoting our products,we have set ourselves the task of creating an awareness of sustainability among our customers. Regard for the environment comes about though culture. The change will not be immediate but is necessary; in the meantime, we do our best to provide an example of an environmentally friendly company and manufacturing process.